Damari Lotus

Our Company

At Damari we love the beautiful side of life: we are experts in development and sales in the section of cosmetics and beauty products. Based on many years of experience, we have a special sense for beauty trends, innovations and unique lifestyle products.

With our three independent corporate offices in Germany, China and Switzerland we are optimally linked and can offer our customers uncomplicated, fast and ideal solutions. This is characterized among other things through brief and simple communication channels, short delivery times of all regular products and the production of individual articles or packaging.

In addition to our own brands such as Damari, manufacturers of renowned brands such as Travalo and Kaloo trust us and rely on our expertise and the opportunities in the distribution of their brands in the highly competitive beauty industry.
We act as investors for innovative start-ups in the cosmetics industry and offer them both capital and suitable distribution channels to take their ideas to the market quickly and effectively.

We focus on sustainable success and trusting long-term business relationships.